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Leadership Lunch - Oct. 16th, 2022

We are in need of a post covid restart!  We are not just filling the necessary committees… it’s more like a restart of our committees after a couple of really strange years!  We are blessed now with new tools for connecting (like in person and Zoom) to help us meet together. 


Why would you serve on a committee?  

We serve because our gifts and talents can help our church remain healthy and vibrant. We don’t serve because we have a need for power or control, It’s because we are members of the body. 


Description of One Board Model 

Each committee sends a representative to the Admin. Council meeting every other month. The purpose of the administrative council is to discern the needs of CHUMC and to guide our congregation and community in fellowship.

On Sunday Oct. 16, We are hosting a Leadership Lunch (catered BBQ) for those who are interested in learning more about serving on a committee (This does not commit you to serving on a Committee)  


Here are some links to info about each committee from the book of Discipline:










Worship -





Children  and Youth 

Come to the Leadership Lunch

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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