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About Us

To Grow in independence: To help children learn to do things for themselves and to make decisions and choices.

To learn to give, share and receive affection: We call that trust or bonding, and it calls for consistent and respectful caregivers.

To learn to get along with others: A child learns what works in groups, what taking turns means, what thinking about others means.



To develop  self-control and self-discipline: It is important that we help build and strengthen children's ability to determine for themselves what is right and wrong, and how to control their behavior.

To begin to understand the physical world: We want children to be responsible for the world around them, to have an understanding of cause/effect, to be able to reason, to be curious, to find and use information.

To foster the development of language, both listening and speaking: The children who have lots of perceptual and sensing experiences and good adult language partners develop a richer vocabulary, more expressive language, and a great skill in communication.

To develop a positive feeling about their relationship to the world: To feel good about themselves and their experiences.


Our Goals