Worship Series

As we get out the Christmas lights, ornaments, and tinsel to decorate our homes and hearts this year, it might be hard for some of us to feel the holiday cheer. We have truly been through a lot this year! In this season, as we prepare to celebrate the arrival of Jesus anew, we can prepare by decorating our lives with what matters most: the hope, peace, joy, and love of God!

Week 1 (Nov 29):

  • Online Devotional at 8:30 AM

  • Outdoor Worship & Tree Lighting at 5 pm (Available Online at 9 PM)

Deck the Halls with Hope:  In times when we feel uncertain, God provides an answer.

Scripture: Isaiah 9:2-7  


Week 2 (Dec 6): Outdoor Worship at 5 PM, (Available Online at 9 PM)
Deck the Halls with Peace: In an uneven season of stress and distractions, God offers us the roadmap to peace.

Scripture: Isaiah 26:7-13 

Week 3 (Dec 13): Outdoor Worship at 5 PM, (Available Online at 9 PM)
Deck the Halls with Joy: God provides joy in unexpected ways through unexpected means, people, and places.

Scripture: Luke 1:39-55 

Week 4 (Dec 20): Outdoor Worship at 5 PM, (Available Online at 9 PM)
Deck the Halls with Love: God is with us always and gives us the greatest gift of love, the choice to accept it, and the call to share it. 

Scripture: Matthew 1:18-25 

Christmas Eve (Dec 24):

  • 4 PM: Outdoor Worship at the Christmas Tree (Available Online at 9 PM)  

  • 7 PM: Outdoor Contemplative Worship  

Deck the Halls for Christ! We come this night to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

Scripture: Luke 2:1-2o  

Week 5 (Dec 27): Children's Nativity Pageant (Online starting 8:30 AM) 

Deck the Halls with a Promise Fulfilled: As we celebrate the promise of God fulfilled in Jesus Christ, we hold onto and live into God’s promises for our lives too.

Scripture: Luke 2:22-40 

***in the event of inclement weather all outdoor worship will move to the gym