During the season of Advent/Christmas we were on a journey to consider how God has blessed each and every one of us with the ability to be transformed—to make change and to begin anew. We are now entering the Season after   Epiphany, (Epiphany—the event when the Christ child was revealed to the Magi, a word that also means “to reveal,”) it is a time for the church to invite people to “Come and See” who Jesus is, what following Jesus means, and what   Jesus teaches about living life that is truly life.  Through this series we will trace the steps of the disciples of Jesus, from baptism to resurrection in the age to come, by tracing out the ministry of Jesus himself, from his own baptism to the time in which is he shone to the disciples in all his glory. Whether you are brand new to “church” or a life-long  disciple, or somewhere in between, the invitation is extended to Allto “Come and See”what Jesus is all about. 


January 15: “The Heavens Are Opened” Baptism of the Lord Sunday with a Reaffirmation of Baptism; Matthew 3: 13-17

Synopsis: We witness the baptism of Jesus, reaffirm the baptismal covenant, and enter anew into the mystery of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit from “opened heavens” for the work of evangelism (i.e. actively inviting others to join in) that lies ahead of us during the coming weeks.


January 22: “Come and See”John 1: 29-42

Synopsis: In the story of the calling of the first disciples from John’s gospel, we are inspired and challenged to come and see how Jesus lives to invite those we know to come with us


January 29: “Follow Me” Matthew 4: 12-23


Synopsis: At the end of the story of the calling of the first disciples in Matthew’s gospel, we follow Jesus with his disciples into the places of greatest need and opportunity and offering teaching, good news, and healing love.


February 5: “#Blessed” Matthew 5: 1-12


Synopsis: We’ve seen Jesus in action. Now we settle in to hear him teach his first disciples with a large crowd in the background. Today he sets us straight about who and what God’s kingdom is blessing in the world. 


February 12: “ Salt and Light and Righteousness Abounding ” Matthew 5: 13 - 20


Synopsis: In light of who and what God is the blessing, and how different that is from what the world and sometimes even the church seems to bless, how do we then live? As salty, light shining people whose righteousness abounds!


February 19: “This, Not That” Matthew 5: 21-37


Synopsis: Jesus continues to offer concrete examples of what life in God’s kingdom does, and doesn’t, look like


February 26: “ And Now Your Reward” Matthew 5: 38-48

Synopsis: Blessings are a gift of God in God’s kingdom. Rewards are the result of living more fully into the ways of God’s kingdom, or as we might say, “Growing in holiness of heart and life.” Jesus reminds us of ways we can stay on or stray from the trail God’s kingdom blazes for us in this life.