We have been called by God to be Christ in the world. Living like Jesus requires spending time with him and learning his way. Let’s do this together as we turn to significant days in the final weeks of Jesus the Christ’s life on earth. We will find that our days intermingle with His.


This week we explore Jesus's "Teaching & Rebuke" and scripture Mark 8:31-38, CEB

Sunday, February 28, 2021, at 8:30 AM, available live

on Facebook our Boxcast channel

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Lenten Bible Study available on Wednesday

Join us for out Lenten Bible study on Wednesdays for Zoom Starting February 27th till April 7th with a noon lunchtime and 7 PM options available.

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Weekly Lenten Devotionals that follows our Lenten Study

Week 1: Lenten Devotionals February 22-27

Week 2: Lenten Devotionals March 01-06

Week 3: Lenten Devotionals March 08-13