Pastor Update 04/17/2020

Till Further Notice

During this unprecedented time, we will only be providing service online here 
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Live stream starts at 8:30 AM Sunday, May 31, 2020
 here or on Facebook and available for viewing later

Family's worksheet and activities for this weeks service
Pentecost Coloring    Holy Spirit Bingo   Worship notes 

Christ is risen anew in our lives and the work of Easter has begun! That work begins and is sustained in hope. Because we have a living Savior and God, we have a living hope. This living hope is worked out through faith and intentional spiritual growth. The next seven weeks will be a time for us to look out over the world and into our own lives as we do the sacred work of building up our hope in Jesus Christ and in one another for the transformation of the world. Our scriptural text will be the New Testament letter of First Peter.