​About Colonial Hills UMC

Our Vision Statement
As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to radiate God's healing and transforming love and grace to all people.

Our Purpose
To Open Hearts -- by enabling people to experience the indwelling presence of Christ in their lives.
To Open Minds -- by growing in our understanding so that our faith has relevance for changing community and world.
To Open Doors -- by inviting all people to the table and sending them out into the world to represent Christ





Our Core Values

    Becoming Christ-centered disciples with spirit-empowered faith.
    Invite all people into our church as family.
    Embrace all people as an open, welcoming, caring community.
    Offer spiritually vibrant, diverse, celebrative worship experiences.
    Focus on spiritual formation through small groups for all ages.
    Reach people who are not yet connected or committed to Christ.
    Express the gospel through Christian service that seeks to offer both acts of mercy and works of justice.
    Preserve our rich Wesleyan heritage.
    Strive for excellence and integrity in every area of our ministry.
    Call one another to renew our commitment to our prayers, presence, gifts and service.​