Adult  Sunday Groups


Sunday School Groups







Adult Bible Study — meets in the Work Room in the Admin. Building. They use a quarterly publication that features different books of the Bible each quarter.


Cappuccino — meeting in the Conference Room in the Admin. Building, the moderator is Jim Bruton. They use a series Faithlink, based upon current events that are affecting our lives and our place in this world, from a Christian perspective. Lessons vary from week to week. Lesson examples are “Landing on Mars”;  and “Drought—2012”. Each lesson has “Core Bible Passages” that brings the lesson into Biblical study.


New Covenant —is a Bible based class focusing on the New Testament.  The current leader is Don Hilkemeier. They meet in the New Room off the Narthex in the Worship Center.

Nova — This is a “boomer” generation class that engages in lively discussions while trying to broaden our understanding of God’s message to us.  Class members volunteer to teach.  They meet in the CDC Room 207.


The Forum — This group of fascinating minds and warm hearts enjoys their Sunday get-together for discussions of unusual topics generally related to uncovering and dealing with mysteries of the Bible. They meet in the Wesley Room off the Welcome Center in the Sanctuary Building #1.